High School Gangsters


High school can be a dangerous place


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High School Gangsters is a third-person action and adventure game where you play a new student at a high school. Before long, you'll quickly realize that your life as a student isn't going to be easy. You'll have to be able to deal with different gangs that you'll have to either collaborate with or fight against.

Both the story and the characters in High School Gangsters are exceedingly similar to Bully, the great sandbox from Rockstar Games. The gameplay and controls are somewhat simpler, but generally speaking, the game offers a really similar experience.

You have total freedom to move around the campus, being able to talk to other students or fight against them. Plus, you can accept tons of different missions in whatever order you want, go to class to improve your skills, etc. You can also get weapons and other objects to customize your character.

High School Gangsters is an excellent open-world game that offers an experience that's very similar to the aforementioned Bully. The game also comes with great graphics, an excellent soundtrack and tons of content.
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Requires Android 4.0 or higher

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